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Lubricating Oil Gate Valve

Lubricating Oil Gate Valve

The use of lubrication in the gate valve is the basic condition to ensure the normal operation of the worm gear reducer, because the lubricating oil can form an oil film on the contact surface of the worm gear, thereby avoiding direct contact between metals and effectively reducing wear. This is for reducing wear, improving transmission efficiency, prolonging the service life of the worm gear reducer, and ensuring the smooth operation of the reducer.

A section of thread is opened in the pipes on both sides of the valve body of the product, and the sealing surface of the product is fixedly arranged in the valve body. The gate of the product is a slope structure, and the top of the gate is fixedly connected with the valve stem. The valve stem of the product is provided with a shoulder, a channel is opened in the middle of the valve cover, and both ends of the channel are provided with conical grooves. The valve stem can move up and down in the valve body.

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