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Research & Development

All processing is based on our systematic technical engineering and technological procedures. Our engineers use Auto CAD,Solid Works,Pro/E,UG and other design software to formulate drawings and processing instruction with ERP system controlling all material management.

Sample Design & Analysis of Ball valve

Quality Control

VND Valve has established extremely rigid system of manufacturing and inspection from subvendor audit through raw material procurement to final shipment. All our valves are produced and tested in accordance with cutting-edge technology and assured inspection plan under factory quality control scheme or as per our client’s requirements.

Quality Assurance

VND Valve sets up QA system in strict accordance with the requirement of API Q1 & ISO9001, and with an intension to provide the customers with zero defect valve, VND associated partners have already been certified by some international organization, such as ISO 9001, PED/CE, API6D, API600, API607,TS etc. to ensure every piece of valve parts is under control of our QC department.