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Butterfly valves

Benefits Of Sealing Ring of High Performance Butterfly Valves

The butterfly valve is widely used in many fields in pipeline engineering. The main function is to control flow and cut off. It is widely used in chemical, petroleum, metallurgy, hydropower, etc.

Butterfly valves have a variety of sealing structures like double eccentric butterfly valve and triple eccentric butterfly valve. The soft materials are rubber or PTFE. Rubber and PTFE seals are not suitable for high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, corrosion resistance and wear resistance.

So what are the benefits of sealing rings sealing ring of High performance butterfly valves?

The sealing ring has the dual advantages of elastic sealing and metal hard sealing. The multi-layer soft stacked sealing ring is fixed on the valve body. It has high temperature resistance, light operation, and no friction when opening and closing. It not only improves the sealing performance of the butterfly valve, but also can extend the service life. Whether it is used in low or high temperature conditions, it has excellent sealing performance and corrosion resistance

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